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Thursday, September 29, 2022 

4:00 P.M.

Opening Keynotes

Winning at Digital Personalization: What Leaders Do
John Copeland, Adobe

In this talk John Copeland, VP in Adobe’s Digital Strategy Group, will walk through recent research results on some of the most important capabilities and practices of companies getting more out of personalizing their customers’ digital experiences. Areas covered include: data strategy and activation, scaling efficient content creation, and orchestrating customer journeys.

Return on Nation Brands
Professor Dave Reibstein, The Wharton School

Geographies have brands just like products. The brand of a geography has economic implications. Ranking of the top 85 countries in terms of how their brand contributes to their economies.


Join us on the Badger Deck for a networking reception



Friday, September 30, 2022

8:00 A.M.

Check In Opens
Find the check in desk and light breakfast options outside of Varsity Hall. 




Morning Keynotes

Three to Watch Out For: Emergent Global Trends that Will (Re)Shape Marketing
Oscar Yuan, Ipsos Strategy3

Oscar will take us through an exploration of global human and economic shifts and trends. The session will outline related implications for Marketing, providing context for sessions throughout the rest of the day.

Marketing Leadership Perspectives
Professor Chris Moorman, Duke University; Brian Cooper, Juniper Networks; Kate Manfred, Discover; & Sherina Smith, American Family Insurance

Chris Moorman has been studying marketing leaders for 14 years through Duke’s/the CMO Survey. This survey has allowed universities and companies to predict the future of markets, track marketing excellence and improve the value of marketing. One reason the CMO survey was started was because “marketing leaders are often not interviewed by the press or investors for their views on critical marketplace trends or company marketing activities.” This discussion will bring the survey to life. Chris will cover some of the key learnings from the most recent survey and our panel of Marketing Leaders will offer their insights on the topics.


Networking Break
Break refreshments can be found outside of Varsity Hall


Morning Concurrent Sessions

Choose one of these five options from our different tracks

A CMO’s Approach to an Analytics and Data Driven Marketing Org
Christie Raymond, Kohl’s, and Jeff Simpson, Deloitte

Jeff Simpson, Partner at Deloitte Consulting, will interview Kohl’s Department Stores CMO Christie Raymond about her approach to running an analytics and data-driven marketing organization. Jeff and Christie will explore real world examples and lessons learned from infusing signal and science across her organization.

A User Research (UX) Panel: An up-to-date glimpse into the realities of the use of UX Research in Tech

Panel: Tyler Kettle, Google; Lindsey Rasie, Adobe; & Malia Zoghlin, Groupon

Moderated by: Catherine Cooper, EmpathyWise

This session features three different UX researchers at different tech companies, moderated by an Insights & Innovation consultant, will provide attendees with an understanding of the realities of product development in the tech industry and how UX Researchers bring in the voice of the user. We’ll explore how UX Research teams are viewed by the C-suite and mid-level marketers as well as to their similarities and differences from ‘consumer insights’ that typically lies in the marketing team.

For most of his career, Kurt has led within purpose-driven companies like The Clorox Company and now The Honest Company. In his talk Kurt will bring to life why purpose is much larger than marketing, how to embed it within your organization's culture and illustrate how it can impact the top + bottom line. He will illustrate consumer and market insights that you can put into action upon returning to your organization following the 2022 Marketing Summit.

Building Purpose Driven Brands, Why It Starts With Your Core
Kurt Kober, The Honest Company
Estimating Display Advertising Response
Paul Hoban, Amazon

To effectively allocate advertising dollars, marketers must form a belief about alternate realities that can never be observed. What would happen if I hadn’t run that campaign? What if I had spent more? Less? These questions are difficult, but not impossible, to answer. We’ll discuss the challenges to accurately addressing these questions, and review some of the most promising approaches. These will include methods based on experiments, econometrics, and machine learning.

RED Talks: Stories worth Telling
Jake Abel; Kelly Goldthorpe; Gustavo Leone; & Vlad Markarov


Lunch will be served buffet style outside of Varsity Hall


Afternoon Keynotes

Superior Consumer Experiences Powered by Human + Data + Technology, A P&G Case Study
Eric Bressinger & Kirti Singh, Procter & Gamble

P&G’s Business models and Brand building are centered around the consumers we serve. Today, P&G has the ability to understand our consumers better than ever, proven when we bring together Human + Data + Technology. This enables us to create consumer experiences – through our brand and product innovations – that are superior, enabling P&G to be a force for growth and a force for good. Insights are about humans and observing, listening and being with consumers is indispensable. Increasingly we are leveraging the power of Data & Technology to enable this at scale – all in service to creating superior brand experiences for the 5 billion consumers we serve every day.

Social Commerce: A New Social Revolution – Panel discussion

Panelists: Tom Brown, Meta, Kyle Gore, PepsiCo, Elizabeth Oats, Ulta Beauty

Moderated By: Ken Nelson, Deloitte

Social commerce is a consumer experience on a social platform that blends the point of inspiration with the point of purchase. In 2021, the global social commerce was $585B, and is expected to hit $1 Trillion by 2024*. Social commerce reimagines a rapidly evolving consumer retail experience in a social and soon-to-be unlimited reality environment by: • Leveraging creators, content, and communities to nudge consumers towards a particular shopping mindset • Using deep consumer insights to drive engagement, impulse, and purchase • Creating a seamless shopping experience for the consumer In this session, we will explore the ecosystem players & platforms, global trends, and hear from our Panel of experts of both success and challenges brands and creators undertake in driving the creator economy.


Afternoon Concurrent Sessions #1

Choose one of these five options from our different tracks

Potent New Opportunities for Growth and Pre-Emptive Advantage only now Emerging
Marsha Lindsay, Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem 

While we’ve been understandably preoccupied with universally serious trends (like global warming, freshwater shortages and COVID) along with immediate crises (supply chain issues, inflation), other potent marketplace dynamics have emerged largely unnoticed or unappreciated. A multi-year study by Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem has identified, vetted and validated 11 destined to challenge the viability of every organization the next 3- 5 years; test every leader’s mettle and strategic capability. S.W.O.T assessments, strategic plans, marketing and innovation plans should all anticipate the 11’s impact.

Never Be Interesting
Elizabeth Oates, Ulta Beauty

Insights should drive impact. We must go beyond being 'interesting' to achieve impact. In this session we will cover measuring to drive action, humanizing data, and the doors that open when we get it right.

The New Brand Marketing for Challenging Times: Gaining Relevance through Responsibility
Cheryl Stallworth-Hooper & Melissa Dougherty, ShedLight

How can marketers navigate this unique moment when brands are expected to not only weigh in on challenging issues related to race, gender, and economics but to become catalysts for change? ShedLight will highlight the important expectations of brands as we shape our future and will share tools for deciding how to best navigate difficult waters.

Microsoft’s Viva Sales Launch – a case study
Kirstin Hamlyn & Katy Olmstead, Microsoft

In Spring 2022, Microsoft had a new product to launch but needed to decide what to name it, how to market it and most pressing, what brand family it should be part of. Microsoft had customer data showing the product was delivering on unmet customer needs. The problem was the brand it should have been part of, was struggling against a strong competitor. We wanted this new product to get the attention it deserved and because of that, a decision was made to launch it under a different brand, a brand that was still very new to the market.

RED Talks: Stories worth Telling
Annette Knuckle, Andy Freedman, Malcolm Thorne, & Paula Tripp


Networking Break
Break refreshments can be found outside of Varsity Hall


Afternoon Concurrent Sessions #2

Choose one of these five options from our different tracks

The Design of Winning Marketing Organizations
Professor Neil Morgan, Indiana University

Identifies the main challenges facing modern marketing organizations. Share research insights into the characteristics of marketing organizations that deliver superior growth. Discuss steps and common challenges to moving forward with your marketing organization’s design.

The Future of Segmentation & 1:1 Targeting
Dave Schaff, Ibotta

Have you ever wondered why your consumer segmentation does not yield the in-market results you hoped for [...even though you know so much about your target]? Have you ever wanted to improve your ROI on targeted media spend [...but struggled because consumer behavior is constantly changing]? If the answer is yes, you're not alone. We'll uncover the solution to these critical questions and show a case study of what success looks like. Ultimately, success lies in where you start and how you get there.

Innovating to Stand Out: The 7 Winning Principles of Differentiation
Cherri Prince, Seed Strategy (A Burke Company)

Discovering an unmet need or job-to-be-done is only the beginning. How do you amplify those insights to rocket your brand to the front of the pack? Come to this session to learn a powerfully simple framework that will help you guide teams to quickly identify differentiated ideas in today’s increasingly competitive world. Join us for an engaging and inspiring session to uncover ways brands have boldly stood out amongst category noise to make a lasting impact on consumers’ lives.

Building Marketing Impact in High Growth Tech
Saqib Mustafa, Snowflake

Every startup has to build trust with customers and brand awareness. As part of the marketing team at Snowflake, Saqib Mustafa will share how they build the engine that drove the demand behind $1BN+ in revenue, and a highly successful IPO. He will share his experiences of building the right marketing strategy based on customer focus, values based selling, sales alignment, ecosystem focus, and being data driven. In addition, he will also share his personal journey of discovering and playing on his strengths, rather than fixing the weaknesses. Plus, there’s a raffle for some cool Snowflake gifts.

RED Talks: Stories worth Telling
Kendra Brown, Scott Hannan, Linda Liu, & Talha Sheikh

4:15 - 5:30

Closing Reception

Optional Saturday, October 1, 2022

Meet your marketing friends to cheer on the Badgers. Our gang will be watching on the big screens at The Sett located in Union South. Game starts at 11am

2.5 hours before kickoff the University hosts two free admission tailgates near Camp Randall. Both are free for Badgers, alumni, fans, and friends. And both feature performances by the marching band and the spirit squad, appearances from Bucky Badger, games, live music and food/beverage for purchase. Badger Bash is held at Union South and Badgerville is held at Engineering Mall. Both great locations for if you're heading into the stadium or meeting us in The Sett to watch the game.  

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